With over 10,000+ campaigns completed, we have absolutely no reason to believe it will.

We have survived and grown after every Google update so far. Google's Panda update was all about making sure your site is high quality--not too many ads above the fold, low bounce rates, etc.

Google's Penguin update rocked the link building world, but after the dust settled, most of the sites that dropped suffered from over-optimization. Now the focus is really all about keeping your anchor text natural & diverse, and using lots of naked URLs as anchors. 

Already over-optimized? You can submit orders with all naked URLs as anchors to help round out your profile. 

The HOTH is a long-term link building service, so we have no interest in a quick jump in rankings, just to see you fall soon after. We put meticulous care into quality content, diluting any possible footprints, and further randomizing our method of viral link building to ensure that each iteration keeps ahead of the game.

We wrote a post on how to stay safe with seo here.

You can also stay current with out Google Update history here.

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