It is recommended to use a high ratio of natural anchor text to the main money keywords that you are trying to optimize. This prevents your main money keywords from getting over-optimized - the #1 cause of Google penalties.

*Here is an example of how to use 100% natural anchor text for the URL

keyword 1:
keyword 2:
keyword 3:
keyword 4: click here
keyword 5: learn more

Keep natural anchor text to a HIGH % of your overall anchors, and then use variations of your main $ keywords from order to order. You will avoid over-optimization this way.

If you have an established website and want to see what your overall anchor text breakdown is, use a tool like

We suggest you build TONs of natural anchors if you don't already have them. A good, cheap, and safe way to do that is to register a bunch of social profiles on the top sites for your website. If you want to get this done for you, check out