How to name your orders

When you place a new order you will be asked to give it a name. You can name it whatever you want. We recommend using the primary domain, client name, or the main goal of the order to help make it easier to find in the orders table.



Note - Orders placed before the update will be given the primary domain as an order name or an “Untitled Order”.


How do I rename orders

If you want to change the order name of an order you can do it from the actions dropdown or the Details Panel.

  1. Go to your Orders Dashboard
  2. Find the order you’d like to rename
  3. Click either the Info icon for the Details Panel or the Actions dropdown icon on the right side of the order row
  4. Click rename and add type the name you want to change it to.
  5. Click Update Name

Note - in some cases you might need to refresh to see the updated name.