If you haven't added any clients to your Client List yet, we recommend starting here


Assign orders to client from the Client Organizer

Follow this if you have a list of existing orders ready to assign to a client. 

  1. Head over to the Unassigned section on the left side of the Client Organizer.
  2. Select the orders you'd like to assign to a client.
  3. Click on the Assign to dropdown and select the client you'd like these orders to be assigned to. 


Placing an order from the Client Organizer

Follow this if you want to place a new order for a client already in your client list. 

  1. Select the client you'd like to place an order for.
  2. Click on the Place order for client dropdown on the top right and select a product.
  3. You should see a panel that says Placing order for and the name of your client.
  4. Complete the order. Once you complete the order, you will be taken back to the client page and the order will show up in their order table. 


Assigning an order from the order form

You can also select a client directly from the order form. 

  1. If you have clients in your Clients List you will see an option to place an order for a client. Click on the checkbox.
  2. A dropdown will appear where you can select a client.