SEO is like an election. We can tell you that you have to be out there shaking hands. But we can't tell you how many hands you'll need to shake to win. You just keep shaking until you do.If you are asking this question, you are asking to be lied to.


Because nobody can tell you with any accuracy how many links its going to take to rank your site.

The HOTH is no different in that regard, except that we're honest about it.

More so, The HOTH is only a link building service, not a keyword research, competitive research, on-site optimization or SEO consulting service. If any of these factors are not done well, any link building you do is going to be at a handicap. If you are are in need full service SEO consulting, please contact, and we will be able to tell you more about our various agency services on a case-by-case basis.

5 Reasons Why We Don't Guarantee Your Rank:

  1. We Don't Know How Competitive your Keyword Is.
    We're just a link building service, not a market research service. Unless you purchase a HOTH X, and then we will make sure that the correct keywords are chosen and used for your order.
  2. Unique Treatment of Phrases by Google.
    Google does not treat each search phrase the same way. For instance, if your search phrase is phrased as a question, Google will treat your results one way. If Google thinks that users for your phrase are looking for a definition or quote, it'll treat the results another way. If Google thinks that displaying local results is more effective for your term than national or global ones, it will do so. Etc.
  3. Inability to Predict Competition.
    We have no clue what your competitors are doing for their SEO. Maybe they have a 5-figure/month budget? Maybe they don't know what a <title> tag is?
  4. Most HOTH Products Do Not Affect your On-site Optimization.
    In 2011, Google released its now infamous Panda Update. The Panda Update is a usability filter that penalizes sites that would otherwise rank well based traditional on-site factors (e.g. title tags, headings, bolded terms, images, etc.) and off-site factors (e.g. links) for poor on-site user experience. This means that not only do you have to have your semantically relevant tags optimized, but now your site actually has to be good to consistently rank. The Panda update is ever evolving and its every site owners responsibility to keep their site fresh, relevant and optimized for bounce rates and conversions. If you do need help with on-site work, email us at about our agency services and we'll do our best to HOTH you.
  5. We Don't Control the Google SERPs.
    There is a name for people who claim to "control" Google SERPs- scammers. Even Google search engineers don't "control" the SERPs. They don't choose the placement of each URL individually. The Google algorithm is constantly changing, evolving, being tested, etc. The results aren't even the same from person to person. We believe that making promises or even a claims to "control" the SERPs in perfectly predictable ways is extremely unprofessional, so we just don't do it.
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