There are some many other Local services out there, it’s hard to make a direct comparison to them all.

What we tried to do is have a extremely well rounded and thought-out product that works.

Many of the other services have bits and pieces, have lower quality, or are for different markets than use. 

Aggregator Services – Yext / Localeze – These are good for businesses that have tons of locations or for use as an enterprise solution, but for most businesses, this would be overkill. For small to medium size businesses, the same work can be done much better manually. There are also a few other minuses, like the monthly subscription for yext as well as the fact that all your data would disappear when you cancel. Everything that we build is a permanent asset that you own.

MOZ Local - This is similar to Yext in the fact that you pay a monthly subscription fee and your data will disappear when you cancel, bringing your rankings back to where they were pre-optimization. Moz local only works in the US as well, while HOTH Local can handle international orders.  This is good for businesses with lots of locations.

Regular Directory Submission services – These are usually poorly thought out and just submit to random directories, or a pre-created list, which sometimes results in duplication. These services are usually pretty cheap because they forgo the important audit process that we do. Also, our directory submissions are very custom based on your specific industry / serp. On top of that, we include social, video, and picture submissions to totally optimize and round out your profile.

What we do: Since starting out at The HOTH, we’ve prided ourselves on always delivering what we say we are going to. No running around wondering when your campaign is going to be done. No fussing with flaky outsourcers. We take care of it all for you. On top of that, our fanatic 100% American customer service team will take care of you to the max, to ensure that you’re ecstatic with the product and results.

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