While we cannot guarantee page 1 for every campaign, directory citations are exactly what you need to rank highly on Google. How quickly you rank depends on the following factors:

1. The number of existing local directory citations each client has going into the project. 
2. The state of those citations (are they reporting correct info? Or out of date phone numbers/ addresses?)
3. Competition 
4. How quickly Google updates the local results after you order. Sometimes it's right away, other times it takes a month or two. 

Your report will include an audit of all existing citations and let you know what needs to be fixed, if anything. If you have too many corrections to do on your own and need help, we have a citation cleanup service for that. 

As a side note, local results with Google are usually slower to update than regular organic results. Local results usually update every 2-3 months so it may take longer to see results than typical organic campaigns.

You can check out more about Local SEO here: https://www.thehoth.com/blog/category/local-seo/

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