When will I begin seeing results? | The HOTH

When will I begin seeing results?

Once your Authority Module is complete, we begin dripping articles with our Volume Module. This process does not complete until ~3-5 weeks after you receive your report. Most customers see movement between the time they receive their first report to up to 3+ weeks later after we finish dripping links.

But wait, there's more! 

It is extremely important to understand that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Or as we say, SEO is like an election - we can tell you that you have to shake a lot of hands to win, but we can never tell you exactly how many. You just have to keep shaking until you do. 

We encourage you to give us 3-5 months worth of packages to give it a good shot. Our goal is to give you results as fast as possible.  

Sometimes one HOTH package may give you amazing first-time results. But chances are, in order to have a truly successful campaign, you need to continually build links over several months - regardless of your current link profile.

The HOTH is catered and hand-designed to work in this method. Results are important, but so is safety. We encourage you to try a campaign with the HOTH over the course of at least a few months, as this is the most optimal method to see consistent and safe results within your campaign.

Plus, month after month, you can review your keywords and start targeting new ones, growing your inbound search terms with each new package. You'll want to continually keep links coming into your site and keep it at nice, consistent flow.

Have any questions? Feel free to hit us up via email at Support@thehoth.com